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Culi Daklak

Culi Daklak

In fact, there is no coffee tree named Culi, but Culi is located on the same Robusta or Arabica coffee tree. Culi coffee is a type of coffee mutant on the tree. A glimpse outside these two fruits on the same coffee tree is difficult to distinguish. Normally in any coffee variety, a ripe coffee fruit will contain two coffee beans. However, when one of the kernels does not develop, the other is not under pressure, which develops into a flat, circular shape that takes up all of the space in the nucleus of the fruit and it is called. is the loris coffee beans.

However, if we observe carefully in many seasons, especially when the fruit is ripe, the seeds inside are fully developed, we can also recognize them.

A cup of coffee made with dark roasted loris will appeal to you with the aroma of herbs mixed with a little wood smell, bitter taste mixed with long aftertaste.

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