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Kenyan coffee has a thick sweet taste and distinct characteristics, the results show that Kenyan coffee has a subtle glass of wine, strong, distinct flavor, the aftertaste is similar to Ethiopian Harrar coffee but thicker physically. and richer.

Delicious Kenyan coffee will make a strong impression from the first sip but clean and clear, with good balance. Notes show that Kenyan coffee has a citrus scent, even pepper, with tones of black currant. The Kenyan coffee aftertaste is quite dry with a sharp lemon flavor, or maybe a wine taste.

It can be said that even the aroma and aroma of black grapes are not as strong as the scent of Kenya. A cup of Kenyan coffee is always known to contain 5 factors that balance a delicious cup of coffee: Flavor – Taste – Acidity – Body in mouth – Aftertaste

With this special kind of coffee, we encourage customers to mix wood and drink hot.

The workshop welcomes guests to visit the workshop.

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